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Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program

We started the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss program in the fall of 2014. [Dr. sheets] first had a patient come to me who had been on the program through a doctors office in northern Virginia. She was so excited because she had lost weight effortlessly for the first time in her life. So we said, “this is something that we need to investigate” because one of the most common questions that I get from my patients is can you help me lose weight. Weight loss, when it is medically managed, can be done very rapidly and also safely; but, it has to be done in a system that makes it easy for the patient to comply with the program. I think that the Serotonin Plus Program does this quite nicely.

Your given all the materials that you need, and all the support that you need to be very successful in your weight loss. You do use some prescription medication to help you reach your goals, but the program is something that I think if you investigate it and you talk to people that that have been on it, you will find that it has been very very successful and people are very encouraged. In fact, the most common complaint that I get from the program is “I’m having trouble eating as much as you want me to eat.” I think if you are hearing that, then you know you have a good program for your patients. Visit www.spweightlossprimecare.com to learn more.

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Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program

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*Patients following our program, on average, lose 35 pounds in 12 weeks.

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